London Psychotherapy and Counselling

Beginning therapy

Looking for a therapist can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are already in emotional distress. As you take this brave step, it is important to find someone who is professionally qualified and with whom you feel safe and can connect. You may like the first person you see, or you may choose to see more than one therapist before deciding who can help you best.

The first appointment

There is no need to be referred by your GP. Just call me on 07534 220 161 or email and we will arrange a time to meet. In this first session or two, I will take a broad look at your situation, listen carefully and also ask lots of questions in order to assess your needs. I may recommend a different type of therapy if it is in your best interests. There is no commitment at this stage and you can explore whether you think therapy will be helpful. If, on reflection, we feel we can work together, then I will offer you a regular session.

Regular sessions

Meeting at the same time each week provides a predictable and reliable framework in which you can work on your emotional difficulties. Most people find that the regularity creates security and trust, and this gives momentum to the therapeutic process.


I charge between £75 and £100 per session, depending on your financial circumstances.